See the World by Land or Sea

LT Globetrotter

September 8, 2019
travel by land or sea

Like with anything these days, when it comes to vacationing, you have options. Do you pursue your adventures by land or do you head to the high seas and rivers to soak in your destinations? Either way, one thing's for certain: you’ll be out and about doing something you love—exploring your planet.


The Tour Game Has Been Revolutionized

Whether you want to navigate your way through the souks of Morocco, take a cooking lesson in Florence, or go on a Safari in Botswana, guided tours have come a long way. Touring today is really all about traveling expertly, delving into the soul of a region, and having the perfect mix of iconic landmark-gazing and hanging out at unexpected, under-the-radar hot spots that leave you completely inspired.


Top tour companies like Blue-Roads and Globus connect you with local guides who make you experience the essence of the destinations they know so well. These destination insiders punctuate each stop with personal anecdotes, everyday insights into unique traditions and customs, friendly camaraderie, and a zest that can only be found in someone who has lived in the destination for years.

Look for authentic foods and flavors, and even the best local trattoria or café (a great place to people watch) to make your trip a truly cultural experience.

Back Road

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As great as Yelp is, no one knows the best like a local. If this is the kind of trip you’re looking for, go with a tour.

Cruising Done Right

Ocean Horizon

With a majority of the earth’s surface covered with water, a cruise seems like a great way to explore the world. Plus, one look at the spectacular amenities and incredible entertainment on deck, and it may also become your favorite mode of vacationing.

Ocean Cruises

Imagine a multi-destination, all-inclusive vacation, where you need to unpack only once. If that doesn’t bowl you over, the magnificence of the modern ships will. Ever-changing and adapting to trends, mega ships by Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Norwegian Cruise Line have mastered this (shout out to the brand-new Norwegian Bliss, and the Norwegian Encore). With casinos, grand theaters, world-class cuisine, fitness centers, and pools, these luxury cruises are practically five-star resorts that dock on the most exotic ports of call. From the paradise islands of the Caribbean and the vibrant port cities of Europe, to Asia’s culture-rich destinations--anywhere the sea connects the world, ocean cruises can practically take you there.

The best part, once you dock into the port, you have a plethora of exciting and truly immersive land activities for you to explore your destinations, without ever having to worry about hotel reservations.


River Cruises

Think about this: when a river runs through a city, the town settles around it, showcasing the best it has to offer on its waterfront. And a river cruise, like the Avalon Waterways helps you explore all of it. Smaller ships, fewer passengers and a more intimate vacation experience take you to that off-the-beaten-path journey along inland waterways like rivers, lakes, and canals.


Ride the Danube and hit multiple bucket-list worthy stops in Europe. Sail on the rivers of Asia and South America and dock into the heart of your destination. It’s as local as you can get with the sights and sounds, and the hustle-bustle of the region.

Whichever mode of vacation you decide on, try each at least once before you start picking favorites.

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By land or by sea, make sure that you’re traveling expertly on your next vacation.

LT Globetrotter

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